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Weds, May 24 through Fri, May 26, 2017
5pm – 7pm – 12 & Under [Beginner]
7pm – 9pm- 10 & Up [Intermediate / Advanced]
*A Participation Waiver MUST be filled out and a Parent / Guardian MUST be present to attend both Mini Camp and Evaluations.
Full Season Information Packet:2017- LNP-Full_Season_Packet

The Pride All Star Cheer Full Season Program starts in May and ends the following April. Teams will typically compete in 5 – 6 regional and national competitions that adhere to the USASF Scoring Guidelines.

All Star Cheerleading is a demanding, high-energy sport that requires a strong work ethic and dedication. It is a serious commitment not only to the program, but to the other members of the Athlete’s team. Because of the level of skill required, it takes months to prepare for competition and attendance is mandatory. Outside of practice, there are fundraising events that Athletes may participate to help defray individual costs. We strongly believe that Athletes need to have a stake in funding their training and the program in order to help them reach their full potential.

We offer Full Season teams in every division. Our teams will compete at every skill level with a focus on reaching National and World events. We are committed to building a top tier All Star Cheerleading program and producing outstanding Athletes.

If you want a program that will challenge your Athlete to be better, to get stronger mentally, physically and push through his/her limits, Pride All Star Cheer is the gym you seek.

If you have and additional questions, feel free to call the office during business hours or use this contact form.

Pride All Star Cheer
6663 Narcoossee Rd
Suite 142
Orlando, FL 32822

Athletes should wear comfortable clothing and arrive early to warm up properly.