For those of you that are new to All Star Cheerleading, we’ve posted a few of the more common questions we’ve been asked regarding All Star Cheerleading and the Pride All Star Cheer Program.

Question 1. What is the level of commitment needed for the Pride All Star Cheer Team?

Answer:  The success of the team depends on a significant commitment from the Athletes, Coaches, and parents. All Stars are expected to exhibit precision and skill. To achieve that, we expect our Athletes to be committed and focused during practice, working hard, and pushing themselves in an effort to grow stronger as individuals and as a team.

Question 2. What are the financial commitments to the Pride All Star Cheer Team?

Answer:  All Star Cheerleading has traditionally been an expensive sport to participate. Our program is committed to keeping our costs low and providing the best value for your investment. We offer our Athletes and their families multiple opportunities to fund raise throughout the season. Our most current fees have been posted HERE.

Question 3. How will the team be selected?

Answer:  Our full season teams are divided according to experience and skill level. Selections are based on age, skill, maturity, and level of commitment. These factors aid in the determination of what skill level the team can most effectively compete. Our aim is to put the best team forward in the appropriate competition level. Our program is designed to help each Athlete improve his/her overall skill level throughout the course of the season. We love to win but we love to see our Athletes grow even more.

Question 4. Are practices mandatory?

Answer:  Cheerleading is an incredibly competitive sport. The safety and ultimate success depends entirely upon the commitment of its team members. Without total commitment to the team, we can’t truly be successful. So yes, practices are mandatory.

Question 5. Are parents allowed on the gym floor while the team is practicing?

Answer:  No. In order to help our Athletes maintain the proper level of focus, parents must stay inside the waiting area while the team is working with the coaching staff.

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