An Expectation of Excellence

An All Star Cheerleading team requires total dedication. Coaches will expect Athletes to arrive for practice focused, determined, and ready to work hard. Winning doesn’t come without effort. The following rules are non-negotiable. Pride Athletes are expected to read, understand, and adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times.  You are representing not only yourself, but also your team, coaches, and the program.

  1. NO drugs, alcohol, or use of inappropriate language or behavior unbecoming of a Lake Nona Pride Athlete will be tolerated. Profanities or inappropriate representation on social media such as Facebook and Instagram will NOT be tolerated. NO public displays of affection, of any kind, toward boy/girlfriends at a team function will be accepted. NO arguing, ill words, or negative attitude toward teammates, coaches, or the program will be tolerated.
  2. All practices and competitions are MANDATORY. It is impossible to be successful in any team sport without each and every vital member of the team. If you frequently miss practice or other team events, you will be removed from the team and an alternate may be moved in to your spot. You must notify Lake Nona Pride ASAP if you are to miss a practice. If you have a family vacation planned, you must provide notification in writing. Competition schedule is provided months in advance; therefore, Vacation is NOT permitted during the competition season unless the gym is closed.
  3. You must maintain a “C” average to keep your spot on the team. Report cards must be shown to your coach each grading period. Any failing grade may result in probation and/or dismissal from the team. Suspension from school may result in dismissal from the team. Homework and/or special projects are NOT excused absences. Part of being a responsible team member is being a good student, and part of being a good student is time management.
  4. Designated practice attire must be worn to all practices including white cheer sneakers with white “no‐show” socks. Hair should be neatly pulled up with a matching hair tie or ribbon. No jewelry, no glitter, and minimal make‐up should be worn.
  5. Leave all issues at the door and always be ready to give 100% to yourself, your team, your coaches, and this program. Remember, it is an honor and privilege to be part of Pride All Star Cheer.


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