All Star Cheerleading Level 4

All Star Cheerleading Level 4 is the first of the Advanced levels for All Star Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders in this have significant experience in Cheerleading in both All Star and High School level. The Athletes have invested a lot of time practicing and have had advanced tumbling training, as well.

The routines performed at All Star Cheerleading Level 4 are more complex and require hours of training, conditioning, and practice. This level requires even greater commitment and focus. You will find more co-ed teams at this level than levels 1 through 3, because of the additional strength added to teams by male Athletes, giving teams more flexibility in performing complex stunting. Also, the Athletes at this level are older usually High School age. The following lists the skills each Level 4 Cheerleader should be familiar with and able to perform.


MUST HAVE:  Advanced Cheer Jump Skills, Advanced Cheer Dance Skills, Back Layout


Level 4 Tumbling Skills

Standing Skills:
Standing Back Handspring Series, Standing Back Handspring into Back Tuck, Standing Back Tuck, Triple Toe Touch / Back Handspring – Tuck, Standing Front Tuck, Jump Combo into Front Tuck

Running Skills:
Round-off Back Handspring Series with a Tuck, Round-off Back Handspring Series with a Layout, Round-off Back Handspring Series with a Layout / Step-out, Whip Series, Specialty Series into a layout position


Level 4 Jumps Skills 
Double Toe Touch, Pike, Hurdler, Combination Jumps:  Toe Touch / Back Handspring, Double Toe Touch / Back handspring, Multiple Jump Series / Back Hand Tuck


Level 4 Dance Skills
Must display advanced motion technique exemplified by tight / correct placement, the ability to perform ½ beats, synchronization with others, executes intricate moves & level changes, able to perform at a fast pace with high energy & controlled motions, displays advanced footwork and energy / visuals (facials)


Level 4 Stunt Skills
Extension / Double Full, Single Leg Extension:  Liberty / Arabesque / Scorpion / Scale Full, Heel Stretch / Bow, Overstretch positions, Power Press, Inverted Flip Transition / Rewinds, Stunt Transition 7 skills, Basket Toss with Toe Touch / Full / Double Full Twist / Kick Full


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