All Star Cheerleading Level 3

All Stars Level 3 Cheerleading is the intermediate level for advancing Cheerleaders and the first level on the road to Elite Cheerleading. This is where great Cheerleaders separate themselves from recreational Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders in this level normally have had several years of Cheerleading, including All Star experience and they have mastered the Back Tuck. Flyers are allowed to do a bit more in-flight stunting with Toe Touches, Ball-outs, and Full Downs as part of the stunt arsenal.

Cheerleaders at this level are expected to perform all of the Level 1 and Level 2 Tumbling, Jump, Dance, and Stunt skills. This Level demands greater strength, flexibility, and endurance than Level 1 and Level 2. If a Cheerleader has mastered the Back Handspring and is making progress toward the Back Tuck, s/he can train with a Level 3 team so long as a consistent Back Tuck is obtained by competition time. The following lists the skills each Level 3 Cheerleader should be familiar with and able to perform.


MUST HAVE:  Intermediate Cheer Jump Skills, Back Tuck


Level 3 Tumbling Skills

Standing Skills:
Back Handspring, Standing Back Handspring Series, Toe Touch / Back Handspring, Double Toe Touch / Back Handspring Series

Running Skills:
Round-off Back Handspring Series (3 or more), Aerial Cartwheel, Round-off Back Tuck, Round-off Back Handspring / Back Tuck, Series with a tuck, Front Tuck (Punch)


Level 3 Jumps Skills 
Double Toe Touch, Pike, Hurdler, Combination Jumps (i.e., Toe Touch / Back Handspring, Double Toe Touch / Back Handspring, Multiple Jump Series)


Level 3 Dance Skills
Must display intermediate motion technique exemplified by tight / correct placement, synchronization with others, executes formation changes while dancing, performs intermediate level changes, displays intermediate footwork and energy / visuals (facials)


Level 3 Stunt Skills
Express Extension / Full Twist Cradle, Single Leg / Extension / Liberty / Arabesque / Scorpion / Scale, Heel Stretch / Bow, Show & Go / 360, Inverted Flip Transition Stunt Transition 5 skills, Basket Toss with Toe Touch / Full Twist / Ball-out / Star / Kick


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