All Star Cheerleading Level 2:

All Stars Level 2 Cheerleading is the next level for advancing cheerleaders. Cheerleaders in this level generally have more than one year of cheerleading experience, normally with a Youth Sports Team, Middle School or High School.

Athletes will need to have mastered the Back Hand Spring. The energy level required to execute the routines is starting to increase so, again, conditioning is key. Slightly more complex dance sequences and tumble passes become part of the package for Cheerleading Level 2 teams and flyers begin to start to earn the title with basic Basket Tosses.

Cheerleaders at this level can perform all of the Level 1 Tumbling, Jump, Dance and Stunt skills.

The following lists the skills each Level 2 Cheerleader should be familiar with and able to perform.

MUST HAVE SKILLS: Basic Cheer Jumps, Front / Back Walkover, Back Handspring

Level 2 Standing / Running Tumbling Skills

Standing Skills:
Front Walk-over, Back Walk-over, Back Handspring, Back Handspring / Forward Roll, Back Walk-over / Back Hand Spring

Running Skills:
Round-off Back Hand Spring, Round-off Back Hand Spring series, Front Walk-over into Back Hand Spring series

Level 2 Jumps Skills 

Toe Touch, Pike, Hurdler, Combination Jumps (i.e. Double Toe Touch, Hurdler/Pike, Toe Touch/Pike)

Level 2 Dance Skills

Displays intermediate Motion skills, improved technique exemplified by tight / correct placement, synchronization with others, formation changes while dancing, can perform intermediate level changes, displays intermediate Footwork and energy / visuals (facials)

Level 2 Stunt Skills

Elevator/Prep – 2 feet, Elevator/Step-in, Elevator/Cradle, Elevator / Extension, Express Extension / Cradle, Single leg / Prep level, Liberty (Lib) / Arabesque / Scorpion / Scale / Heel Stretch, Show & Go / Extension, Stunt Transition 4 skills, Basket Toss / Straight

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