All Star Cheerleading Level 1:

All Stars Cheerleading Level 1 is the first step young cheerleaders take in the sport. Most Cheerleaders competing at this level have never cheered before or have not cheered for long. The goal at this level is to provide introductions to basic stunting, jumps and dance.  While the tumbling passes are simple in All Star Cheerleading Level 1, they lay the right foundation for more advanced tumbling.

It’s very important to teach good conditioning habits at this stage because those habits lay a strong foundation for the amount of work to follow as athletes progress to more advanced levels of cheerleading.

The following lists the skills each Level 1 Cheerleader should be familiar with and able to perform.

MUST HAVE SKILLS: Willingness to learn

Level 1 Standing / Running Tumbling Skills

Forward Roll, Cartwheel, Round-off, Bridge, Bridge/Kick-over, Backbend, Backbend/Kick-over, Front Limber, Front Walkover

Level 1 Jumps Skills 

Tuck Jump, Straddle Jump, Toe Touch, Combination Jump w/ a re-prep

Level 1 Dance Skills

Basic Motion Technique, Correct Placement, Able to count music, Able to hit motions on
correct beat, Formation changes while dancing, Performs basic level changes

Level 1 Stunt Skills

Thigh Stand, Thigh Stand Sequence, Below prep level sequence, Single leg variation below prep level, Elevator/Prep – 2 feet, Elevator/Pencil dismount, Elevator/Cradle, Elevator/Turn-Moving, Shoulder Sit/Prep, Stunt transition – 3 skills

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